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Originally deeded by the Holland Land Company to Hiram McNeil in 1820, Maplehurst was one of the first parcels of property to be settled in the town of Cambria, which at the time was the only town in Niagara County.  At the time of settlement, "the county was a wilderness and (McNeil) was prominent among those who made districts on the continent". The original domicile was built between 1830 and 1840.  Typical of construction practices for rural residences at the time, the original structure is incorporated into the present seventeen room, Victoria-style home with exterior soffits graced with modest gingerbread.

At the time of (McNeil's) death, the home was described as "one of the finest country residences in Western New York".  (quotes are from "Obituary of Hiram McNeil", The Lockport Union Sun & Journal, May 11, 1861.) The properties subsequent to the death of Hiram McNeil, and in accordance with his will, was sold and all proceeds equally divided among his seven children. His descendants operated the family farm until October 21, 1921, when Henry J. & Ida Herbst assumed ownership and enriched Maplehurst's fine farming tradition with the assistance of son Elmore until the 1990's. Elmore's son Mark now maintains the traditions at Maplehurst as it approaches its 100th year in the Herbst family.